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When you are going through a grieving process you will be highly sensitive towards other people.  If you walk into a tombstones shop in Ventersburg and an employee doesn’t look at you in the correct way, you might take it personally and storm out of the shop.

 It is important to know though that these representatives of a tombstones shop in Ventersburg have been trained thoroughly in the art of dealing with grieving clients and will certainly be able to assist you in lightening your load.

One of the very important aspects that trainees of a tombstone branch in Ventersburg should adhere to is the correct use of words of comfort. This is extremely important as it will not only affect your sales, but it will give you more piece of mind knowing that you made a difference in a person’s life that was going through a very difficult time.

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What NOT to say to someone who lost a loved one:

  • Never say it was for the best, although it might have been.  This is not your concern and you do not know the circumstances. Most clients will only state that a loved one passed away and will be hesitant to give details until needed in the documentation.
  • If a child dies, do not ask how many other children the mother has.  This will give a feeling that the deceased is easily replaceable which will sound distasteful.
  • Never say you know how they feel, although you do.  Their emotion is the strongest only for them and they feel like no one else has felt this sad before.

What to rather say to the them:

  • Keep it short and simple with a “we are so sorry for your loss” but don’t say it in a robotic and cold way.
  • Produce list of services that your tombstone company in Ventersburg can perform, for the client to know that by selecting you, his/her burden will be lifted considerably.
  • Never make any comment whatsoever about a child’s tombstone.  By mentioning something insensitive to the grieving family, it will be the surest way for them to rather summon the services of a more “professional” tombstone company in Ventersburg.

We at Tombco Ventersburg pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive service packages for your burial needs including our full range tombstones in Ventersburg.  Contact us today at (057) 573-1685/6 for a customised quotation.