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Budget Range

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Affordable Budget Tombstones from Tombco

Purchasing a headstone can be quite expensive, but it doesn't have to be when buying your loved-one's tombstone from Tombco's Budget Headstone range. Tombco have designed a beautiful selection of Budget Headstones, ideal for smaller budgets. Tombco is known for manufacturing top quality granite tombstones, each of exceptional quality and durability. The only difference between our Budget headstones and Tombco's other tombstone ranges, is the size. You can thus expect the same high quality granite headstones when choosing a monument from our Budget range.

Budget Headstone Designs

Choose from a selection of beautiful, popular and unique headstone designs for your loved-one's grave. From hearts, to standard shapes and accessories - personalise a headstone to commemorate your loved-one's life.

Trust Tombco for Quality Tombstones at Affordable Prices

Tombco have been in the tombstone manufacturing industry since 1994, and we have gained extensive and valuable experience in this field of work over the years. We supply customers across the country with tombstones that meet all their needs in terms of quality, longevity and price. Don't sacrifice on quality by purchasing cheap, poor quality headstones, when you can get a beautiful, top quality granite headstone at a price that fits your budget from Tombco. We guarantee the best quality and best prices - get a quote on the Budget headstone you wish to purchase today! You can even purchase the Budget headstone on lay-by, enabling you to pay-off the headstone in instalments instead of one sum.

Let the team from Tombco help you with the process of choosing a headstone for your family member's grave, so that you can get the best tombstone that fits your needs. Contact the leading headstone suppliers in South Africa today to purchase an affordable granite headstone.