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Double Range

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Beautiful Double Headstones from Tombco

Double headstones are a popular choice for companion graves or family graves. The Double Headstone range from Tombco features a number of beautiful headstone designs to choose from. Double headstones offer sufficient space for the names and details of two individuals, and customers can choose between the following options:

  • Headstone only
  • Headstone with frame and chips
  • Headstone with full slab

There are many different designs, shapes and colours to choose from, providing the opportunity for customers to customise a tombstone for their family members' graves. Tombco have been in the tombstone manufacturing business for many years, during which we have built an outstanding reputation as a reliable tombstone supplier. You can rely on Tombco to supply you with headstones of excellent quality, at cost-effective prices.

Choose a message for the Double headstone

Once you have selected a Double headstone for your family member's grave, you can personalise a message to be engraved on the headstone. Popular options include special Bible verses, poems and even personalised messages. Get assistance from Tombco should you need help when deciding n a message.

Get a top quality Companion Headstone / Double Headstone from Tombco for your loved-ones' graves. As a leading Tombstone supplier in the Free State, we guarantee you will be satisfied with the quality and level of service received. Get in touch with Tombco today - Call us, or make an online enquiry about the Double Tombstone you are interested in. Our team will manage the process of purchasing a headstone professionally and hassle-free.