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When you want to purchase a tombstone in Thabong, rest assured that the staff are not only there to make a sale, part of a reputable tombstone company’s client service responsibilities is to ease the load of the client who has just lost a loved one.

One of the ways in which a compassionate representative of a reputable tombstone company in Thabong could assist you with is with the setting up of a list of priorities regarding the planning of the funeral as well as a coping strategy for you to get through the day.

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Some of the important aspects the tombstone company in Thabong’s representative could point out for you:

  • The employee of a tombstone company in Thabong could start off with a general to-do list.  This list will include planning and dealing with the cold, hard facts like the obituary, the funeral invitations, the will and testament as well as the funeral needs like the funeral items including the tombstone, flowers and grave marker purchase from the tombstone company in Thabong.
  • Second will be the detailed arrangements regarding the funeral.  Aspects like the transporting of the tombstone and the body, the purchase and digging of the hole, the erecting of the tombstone and the maintenance procedures thereof should be included into the quote from the tombstone company in Thabong.
  • There are other lists in fact that you would also have to plan for which will help you to be more organized which will in turn make you feel a bit more rested.  Ask your representative of the tombstone company in Thabong to give you a few ideas if your mind is a blank. You must remember that, although they work at a tombstone company, they are still human and have also gone through the same situation throughout their lifetime. When you are going through mourning, you might find that you have changed your routine as you are now dealing with more pressing issues.  It is therefore important that you make a list of things that you enjoyed doing and try to continue doing these. 
  • One tends to become very morbid and negative during a time of mourning but a compassionate representative of a tombstone company in Thabong can enlighten you of quite a number of things that you could still be thankful for.  By focussing on being thankful for even the smallest things, it can make you realise that life can still be enjoyed while you have this precious gift.

We at Tombco Thabong pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive service packages for burial needs including tombstones in Thabong and aim to tend to our clients’ most personal needs.  Contact us today at 057 355 2658 for a customised quotation.