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In a funeral scene during a movie, all you are shown is the lush green grass, perfect weather and perfect processions.  In reality though, there are much planning to be done to make this possible.  All standard details have to be planned for in advance, much like a wedding, which is best left to the capable hands of a professional tombstone company in Thaba Nchu.

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Important details that have to be planned by a professional tombstone company:

  • The manufacturing, transporting and erection of the tombstones.
  • Assisting the client in selecting the best tombstone according to taste and budget.
  • If they are not able to plan and implement the finer details of the funeral processions consisting of catering, music and the legal documents, they should be able to outsource this service to a company on their own accord.  You would not have to meet with the company individually, as the tombstone company in Thaba Nchu will include it into the quotation.

Regarding the legal documents, this would be something you would really not want to attempt in these sad times, as this process might feel more business related and not personal at all.  A reputable tombstone company in Thaba Nchu will be more than happy to assist with the planning of this tedious task.

One of these legal processes is the Obituary as designed by a professional tombstone company in Thaba Nchu:

The obituary is a document that states the details of death of the deceased.  It is usually published either in a newspaper or on the website of the tombstone company in Thaba Nchu.  Details that are placed onto the obituary include the name, date of birth and death, place of death, school that was attended, career as well as hobbies of the deceased. The surviving family members that are left behind are usually added onto the obituary as well.

Here are the details regarding the designing of the obituary that representative from a tombstones company in Thaba Nchu will assist you with:

  • Preferred publishing method.
  • Type of paper it should be printed on and sent to family members.
  • The design o the obituary with details ranging from classic, modern or rustic.
  • The wording, theme, phrases, setting and font that should be used.  This should be pre-discussed with the representative as it should be based on the deceased’s personality.

We at Tombco Thaba Nchu pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive service packages for burial needs including tombstones in Thaba Nchu and aim to tend to our clients’ most detailed needs.  Contact us today on 079 349 8044 for a customised quotation.