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When a loved one has passed, you will be faced with many decisions regarding the burial, tombstone and proceedings which could make your head spin.  One of the main decisions you will be faced with is the choice between burial and cremation.  Let a representative of a tombstone company in Sasolburg assist you by taking this load off your mind.

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A representative of the tombstone company in Sasolburg will give you insight into the options:

Burial Services provided by tombstone companies in Sasolburg:

  • For centuries and up until today certain people believe that the burial process including the use of traditional tombstones in Sasolburg is a far more dignified and respectful way of putting their loved one/s to rest by having respect for the body after death.
  • It is also seen as a way of letting the body decay as it was meant to – by nature taking over which again refers to respect for the body. The wood will decay with time but the marker purchased by a tombstone company in Sasolburg will forever pay respects.
  • Visiting a grave, placing flowers and cleaning the tombstone purchased in Sasolburg seems to give you something to hold onto physiologically, although you know the grave might be empty.  If nothing else, it takes you back to the day of the ceremony with the beautiful flowers and tombstone from Sasolburg where you wished the deceased a good journey.
  • Some cultures select a day of the year, mainly the day of death to all gather from all over the globe and celebrate not the death, but the glory of the deceased while alive.  Fireworks are let off, bon-fires are made and everyone is dressed in bright colours to signify this glory.

Cremation services provided by funeral homes:

  • As opposed to burial, cremation is viewed by some as quite a harsh way to dispose of a body.  It is usually not witnessed by children as the mere thought of burning someone they were fond of might be quite traumatic.
  • Scientists have proven that the cremation process releases pollutants into the air including carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide as well as hydrogen chloride.
  • As the cremation process is much quicker and hassle-free, it is often chosen as a more informal way of saying good-bye.  This process would most often be used by groups that view a burial as a celebration and not a sad day, mostly following the short cremation ceremony with an extended celebration ceremony.

We at Tombco pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive burial services as well as high quality products including tombstones in Sasolburg. Contact us today at (057) 573-1685/6 for a customised quotation.