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Tombstones in Phuthaditjhaba

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Within every industry you will always be faced with the options whether or not to pay less and receive less or to pay a bit more and receive a good quality product.  It might sound strange but this applies to the selection of a tombstone in Phuthaditjhaba as well.

As coffins, tombstones and burial proceedings are seen as a way to pay final respects to a loved one, one should rather choose higher quality products as offered by Tombco Phuthaditjhaba.  This is due to the fact that one must budget for these items in view of the long term as it will be very frustrating to purchase a cheap item, only to find that it had disintegrated over as little as five years.

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Within every industry as mentioned, one will therefore find reputable companies that offer good quality products as opposed to small, disreputable companies, offering inferior products at very cheap prices.  When it comes to burial accessories, Tombco Phuthaditjhaba manufactures, supplies and erects only the best quality burial related items.

Tombco is a reputable tombstones company in Phuthaditjhaba, we posses the following features:

  • Strict quality standards in terms of manufacturing, sales and customer service.
  • An extensive range of colours, shapes, sizes and tombstone themes as well as all accessories.
  • The representative or sales person of the tombstone company in Phuthaditjhaba should be able to discuss different options in terms of an informed choice.
  • He/she should also be able to adapt all selections to your budget, however limited.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Compassionate and patient staff.
  • After-hours assistance.
  • Reliability within the industry, i.e. a number of years of experience.
  • The ability to go beyond the sales and tend to the client’s personal needs.
  • Reputable contacts and outsourcing options for additional services consisting of flowers, music, catering, venue renting, documentation and legal services regarding the obituary and will of the deceased, the thank you cards, church services and the maintenance of the grave over a long-term contract.
  • A reputable tombstone company in Phuthaditjhaba should include services like the purchasing of the grave site, the transport of the body, the digging of the hole and the erection of the tombstone as part of their service package.

We at Tombco pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive service available within the tombstones in Phuthaditjhaba industry. Contact us today at (057) 573-1685/6 for a customised quotation.