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When a loved one had passed away, one of the best practices to say your final good-byes and get closure is by hosting a burial ceremony including the placement of a tombstone in Parys.  This is a practice that has been used for centuries and throughout many religions as it is a symbolic way of sending the deceased to “heaven” and whishing him/her a peaceful journey.

The burial process as used by the general population consists of burying the body by placing it into a coffin, the coffin into the ground and then a tombstone/headstone/gravestone purchased at a tombstone company in Parys on top of the grave as a marker.

As human nature strives toward living a “greener” lifestyle, the new trend in burial services now includes a process called a “natural burial”.

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Here are a few factors that differentiate a natural burial from the more traditional form of burial processes:

  • Due to the problem of over-population and a shortage of natural resources including trees, coffins are now becoming an alternative option when it comes to the burial process. As tombstones in Parys are high quality, it is very popular for use in conjunction with a natural burial.
  • A natural burial is where the body is placed directly into the ground without any form of a casket or coffin or preservation/embalming processes.
  • This results in the decomposition process taking place in a natural way and at a natural rate.
  • This ritual had been performed for centuries by Jewish religions as their belief is that the embalming process desecrates the body.
  • This is directly linked to the fact that the exotic woods used for coffins slow down the decomposition process, thereby defeating the object of a burial.
  • After the burial process had taken place, a tombstone as with the tombstones in Parys will still be purchased to place onto the grave, as this forms part of the service, gives the grave a finished look, includes a final good-bye message and also marks the position of the gravesite.

Whichever type of burial process you make use of though, the purchasing of a tombstone in Parys will always be the most practical option in giving the gravesite a special touch that no other item could.  Every tombstone in Parys will also include a special message and details on the death of the loved one for his/her family to remember him/her by.

We at Tombco pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive service available within the tombstones in Parys industry. We have the greatest respect for our clients and their circumstances and strive to honour their needs as well as the wishes of the deceased.  Contact us today at 082 578 9787 for a customised quotation.