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The fact might be that your forefathers were buried hundreds of years ago in a now forsaken cemetery in Bloemfontein as an example.  Over the years the land might have been developed or sold as a farm, with all the memories and history being lost.  If you are attempting to find your forefathers’ graves, how would you go about it? You could start by investigating the earliest possible burial records at a company that used to erect tombstones in Bloemfontein. That is, if they still exists.

As the above option could be the best chance for you to find ancient burial sites, bear in mind that even if they have the records, they will not be able to assist you if you do not have references of your own.

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It is important that you take the following documents to the tombstone company:

The death certificate

Chances are that you will be more successful in finding the burial site with the death certificate only if the burial had taken place quite recently.  As names and stand portions change over the years, it might have been renamed over the years, but if you consult a tombstone company, there might be a staff member whose grandfather worked there in the time the burial took place.

The Obituary

The obituary contains important information regarding the burial proceedings and includes dates, times, specific areas and stand numbers, cemetery names and also the church in which the ceremony took place.  These could all be contributing factors towards the success of your search.

The burial permit

The Burial permit is a document mostly kept by the tombstone company for filing.  If they do still have it, it will narrow down the search to one specific area and although it might be overgrown or developed, at least it would be a stepping stone to finding the grave site.

The church

The Church in which the ceremony took place should also keep some sort of record of ceremonies performed over the years.  One advantage is that, as a church is seen as holy, it is bound to still be standing over the centuries although everything else around it has changed.  Consult with the administrations lady or the pastor himself as they would be the best persons to know where the archives are kept safely.

If you consult a professional tombstone company, they will be sensitive to your search and do their utmost possible in assisting you with your aim to find and pay your respects to the long deceased.

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