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Choosing a tombstone can often be difficult, especially since there are so many different designs to choose from and so many materials as well. But working with a reliable supplier like Tombco makes everything easier as our team is experienced in many different products and can help you to make the right decision.

Since tombstones can be very expensive, Tombco has a Budget Range that will suit your pocket perfectly. These stones are smaller, yet they are beautiful and made from durable granite that will allow you to make the most out of your loved one’s unique tombstone. You can browse our website for ideas and contact us directly for a quotation on a specific tombstone that you might have in mind.

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We also have a Double Range, which is ideal if you want tombstones for both parents, for example. You can add a message to each individual tombstone, but they are joined together to form one unique and beautiful piece. Our Double Range can be viewed on our website and this is a great option to choose from as well.

Affordable tombstones in the Free State

Children’s tombstones are also made from granite and they are beautiful, as they come in various designs, which you can choose from. You can choose something memorable like an angel figure, or even a favourite character that is symbolic to the little one buried underneath. We make sure that you have enough choices to consider, so that you can simplify the process as we know that it is already a very sad and emotional procedure to go through.

Granite is often chosen as the perfect material for a tombstone, as it is durable and very resistant to damage. It is also very versatile and it will last for decades at a time. It has a beautiful and modern look, which is why granite is also used in many building projects, especially in modern homes and commercial buildings. Granite is definitely the best material to choose for your tombstone, regardless of its size.

When it comes to finding the best tombstone prices in the Free State, Tombco is your one-stop shop for reliable products and affordable pricing. We have a wide variety of products and accessories to choose from and our team is ready to assist you in choosing the best tombstone for your unique needs.

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