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Affordable Headstones – Cheap but durable

Choosing a headstone for your loved one’s grave might be a difficult task, especially in light of your current situation. Opting for a cheap tombstone can have negative repercussions, but why settle for low quality when you can buy high quality granite tombstones at Tombco at a very affordable price. At Tombco we understand that this is a difficult and sensitive time, which is why we aim to assist you by supplying headstones with friendly and professional service. At Tombco we boast 18 years of service and experience in the tombstone manufacturing industry. Our wide range of headstones will ensure that you find a gravestone to suit your needs as well as your budget.

Budget Range Tombstones

Tombco offers a Budget Range of headstones, which is a cheap and more affordable range. Even though we sell them at a lower price, these headstones are still very high quality granite stones. The only difference is that they are smaller in size, meaning less granite material is used.

We believe that every person deserves a beautiful and high quality headstone for their grave, which is why we manufactured a cheaper range for those who cannot afford large and costly gravestones. Tombco guarantees that you will be satisfied with the quality of your Budget Range headstone. In addition to our Budget Range, we also have various headstones on special – from basic headstones to more complex designs, you will surely find the stone you need. You are welcome to give us your budget, and we will advise you on your best options. Even if money is tight, we will supply you with the headstone your loved one deserves.
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Why you should buy your headstone at Tombco

At Tombco we understand that it is a very sad time when losing a loved-one. We aim to make the process of choosing a tombstone as easy as possible, not burdening you with tough decisions in this difficult time. Whether you opt for a cheap or more costly headstone, you are still an important client to us.

Tombco is a leading manufacturer of tombstones in South Africa, supplying clients with top quality, durable headstones for many years. With so much expertise gained over the years, we know how to manufacture lasting headstones for our clients. Call us today to enquire, our view our products online to get a better idea of what you might want. For friendly advice about our quality gravestone products, contact us.