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Tombstones, Headstones & Gravestones in Kroonstad

Call Tombco Head Office at (057) 573-1685/6 for our available tombstones in Kroonstad.

The aspects that differentiate a standard tombstone company to a reputable tombstones company in Kroonstad would consist of two major features:

Strive for service excellence:
Their employees should not only come into work and wish the hours away.  They should see their job as more of a calling and treat every client and their needs with the greatest respect and apathy.  

A career in the burial industry should be seen as both sales and psychological therapy for the bereaved.  It is a known fact throughout the entire retail industry that, if the client feels comfortable with his/her sales representative, more sales will be made.
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It is important for the representative of the tombstone company in Kroonstad not only to focus on sales but also on the well being of the client, as he/she is going through a very difficult stage.

Range of Products:
Every industry in itself has reached very high levels of competitiveness due to the sheer amount of competition within its field.  One of the ways that a tombstone company in Kroonstad can stay ahead of the game is by stocking a wider range of tombstones and accessories.

Items within an extended range within a reputable tombstone company in Kroonstad should consist of the following:

Many different types, styles and sizes of tombstones some of which include:

  • Slant markers.
  • Bevel markers.
  • Flat markers.
  • Single tombstones.
  • Double tombstones.
  • Tombstones for babies.
  • Tombstones for children.
  • Many different types of tombstone accessories some of should include:
  • Standard letter forming and wording done on tombstones in Kroonstad.
  • Customized letter forming and wording done on tombstones.
  • Ceramic tombstone pictures attached to tombstones.
  • Extra features to their service should include:
  • Tombstone manufacturing on the premises.  This will relate to a high quality of workmanship as their name will be their reputation.  
  • A lifetime guarantee on their tombstones in Kroonstad.
  • Transport and erection of the tombstones on the day of the funeral.
  • A reliable outsourcing company that will be able to do regular maintenance on the grave site including the planting of grass or shrubbery and the maintenance of the grave itself.
  • A customer service number for queries, complaints or general assistance regarding services delivered.

We at Tombco are a very reputable tombstone company in Kroonstad 17 years of experience within the industry.  We own a tombstone branch in every town throughout the various regions of South Africa.  We have the greatest respect for our clients and their circumstances and strive to honour their needs as well as the wishes of the deceased.  Contact us today at (057) 573-1685/6 for a customised quotation.