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One of the most important aspects of the funeral itself is the look of the headstone.  Finding the perfect headstone that portrays class and style while still suiting your budget could prove to be quite a tough one. This is why the selection of a headstone should rather be discussed with a representative of a professional headstone company.

As you know, there are many different materials that tombstones could be manufactured from.  As proven by its popularity, the best material to use is granite. The most beautiful of all but also the most difficult to work with, granite is only preferred for use by highly qualified tombstone manufacturers.
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How we manufacture Granite Tombstones in Harrismith:


Granite is in itself a pre-historic rock formed within volcanic mountains millions of years ago and comes directly from the center of the earth, hence its rigidity. Granite is quarried and removed in the form of enormous blocks which are sent to a factory for processing.


The granite blocks are broken down by sawing and polishing it into the required lengths, thicknesses and sizes for further use.  


  • A rubber stencil that consists of the writing and with a sticky backing is placed onto the headstone whereupon the selected details are transferred onto the tombstone surface by cutting it in with an artist’s knife.  
  • Computer stenciling is also used as a more technologically advanced form of stenciling which results in more accurate detailing and an overall more professional look.
  • The headstone is then sent to a blasting room where a high pressure machine sandblasts in the details as set by the artist’s cutter.  
  • The headstone is finally cleaned and polished for a beautiful and timeless end result.

Tombco Head Office has many branches countrywide and specializes in the manufacturing and sales of tombstones in Harrismith and throughout South Africa.  Phone us on (057) 573-1685/6 for professional assistance and customized packages that will suit your needs.