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There comes a time in each person’s life when the dreaded process of tombstone purchasing must occur.  As it is such a stressful process, it is imperative that you employ the services of a reputable tombstone company to assist you with your needs.

The burial ceremony which includes the tombstone, burial proceedings, transport, purchasing of the burial site and post burial ceremony proceedings are often quite a costly process but the fact of the matter is that it is the best way to honorably pay your last respects to your loved one and that is the reason why you should use a reputable tombstone company in your area.  Their service package will include the above mentioned details and they will therefore make the process as smooth and worry-free as possible.

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A reputable tombstone company in Bethlehem should not only be able to offer you customized packages as competitive rates but should also be fully trained and skilled on the different aspects of after sales service one of which would be the care and maintenance of the tombstone and grave site.

A reputable tombstone company in Bethlehem should know and practice the following maintenance rules:

  • They should firstly offer only the best quality tombstones that will react positively to proper maintenance and cleaning.  An inferior quality tombstone will look dull no matter how often you care for it. You can test the stone by hitting on it with your knuckles and when it sounds hollow, it is had not been made from a sturdy and good quality material.
  • A cleaning product without ions would be the best product to use.  It will naturally be non-abrasive and harmless to the material that the tombstone had been made of.
  • Only make use of nylon brushes as this will not scratch the surface of the tombstone.  It should also not be a coloured brush as the dye would damage the surface.  It should therefore be a natural white nylon brush.
  • Prior to the cleaning process, the tombstone should be thoroughly watered to get rid of the grime and dust particles.  
  • The cleaning process should be done in circular movements and from the bottom to the top.  This will result in even cleaning and prevent stains.

As a tombstone is quite a costly item, it is imperative that you only make use of a reputable tombstone company for the maintenance thereof.

Tombco Head Office consist of branches throughout the country and offer tombstones in Bethlehem and every major city in South Africa. Phone them at (057) 573-1685/6 for professional attention to your every need.