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One of the most expensive items regarding a funeral can be the tombstone or headstone. It is one of those times when quality really is the most important factor in deciding which tombstone to purchase. The best way to go about the planning and implementation of a successful burial service is to consult a professional representative of your nearest Koppies Tombstone supplier / manufacturer.

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As a tombstone company and their employees deal with the very sensitive issue of the death of a loved one, they should approach each of their clients with the most possible compassion and patience and understand that the grieving family member might be aggressive or confused regarding any aspect of the funeral arrangements or the purchasing of the needed funeral accessories.  Kind words and a soft gesture would assist the client in coming to terms with the reality of what is happening and make it possible for them to get down to the business side of things.

You might find many tombstone companies in Koppies that claim to have the most competitive rates and service packages but upon closer inspection you will find that they mainly focus on the sale itself and neglect the important aspects of the after-sales service process.

Here are a few important factors that a reputable tombstone company in Koppies should possess:

  • Only the best quality materials should be used for the manufacturing process.
  • Providing assistance in burial services and tombstones in Koppies should be their passion and not just their daily job.
  • All aspects of the funeral proceedings including manufacturing, delivering, erecting of the tombstones in Koppies and down to the smallest details including the printing of the courtesy cards and the flower arrangements should be taken care of, thereby making the experience a much less stressful one for the grieving family.
  • They should offer a lifetime guarantee on all their tombstones and accessories and only make use of technologically advanced erecting and securing processes to prevent a tombstone from sinking, sagging or falling over.
  • Customer satisfaction in general should be driving force behind their daily functioning.

We at Tombco have become a very reputable tombstone company in Koppies throughout our 17 years of service.  We own a tombstone branch in almost every town throughout the various main regions of South Africa.  We have the greatest respect for our clients and their circumstances and strive to honour their needs as well as the wishes of the deceased.  Contact us today at (057) 573-1685/6 for a customized quotation.