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The tombstone message is a very important and special part of the tombstone, and is often a very difficult process. If you are in need of a suitable tombstone message or verse for a loved one’s grave, then Tombco will be able to assist.

Tombco is a leading tombstone supplier, assisting many clients to find beautiful tombstones for their loved one’s graves. With years of experience in the manufacturing of tombstones, we are able to assist our clients with special and suitable messages for their loved-one’s headstone. Contact Tombco today to find a beautiful tombstone as well as assistance with the message and lettering.

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Tombstone messages, lettering and installation from Tombco

When making use of tombstone for your headstone needs, you are ensured of professional service including assistance with the choice of a special and suitable tombstone message, the lettering of the message on the tombstone as well as the installation of the tombstone at the gravesite. You will thus receive a comprehensive service when choosing Tombco as your headstone supplier, as we will assist from the process of deciding on a tombstone, right through to the installation.

There are many options when it comes to tombstone messages, including personal quotes, bible scriptures, life references and messages about a person’s faith. Once you have decided what type of message you want to engrave on the tombstone, we are able to assist with a suitable message to fit onto the headstone.

Choose from a wide range of headstones for your family member’s grave

We offer a wide selection of high quality tombstones, all manufactured from the best quality granite / marble material. You will find a tombstone that fits well into your funeral budget – we can also assist with lay-buy purchases should you need to make use of this payment option.

Tombco manufactures tombstones in different sizes and designs, to ensure all our clients find something that fits their needs. Choose from the following range of headstones:

  • Budget: This range comprises of a selection of high quality, yet smaller in size, granite tombstones, which is ideal if you are looking for a more affordable tombstone for a small funeral budget.
  • Standard: Our standard range of tombstones includes a list of very popular shapes and designs, and if you are looking for a basic yet beautiful granite tombstone, you will find what you need in this range.
  • Executive: Our executive range of headstones feature very special and unique designs. Browse through our beautiful executive range on our website to see examples of this range.
  • Double: Double or companion tombstones are suitable for gravesite of companions and family members, and are larger headstones with enough space for a message as well as the names of two individuals.
  • Children: We also manufacture a range of tombstones for children and babies. Choose from special designs like bears, butterflies and cars.

Let Tombco help you to find a suitable headstone and tombstone message for your loved-one’s grave.