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A gravestone serves as a special memorial to commemorate your loved-one's life here on earth. Choosing a gravestone for a family member's grave is not an easy task. A few things need to be considered in order for you to select the best headstone that will fit your requirements. Tombco will assist you in this difficult time, and help you to find a gravestone that is high quality and will fit into your budget.

Tombco is a trusted name in the headstone manufacturing industry, building a strong reputation as a supplier of high quality granite gravestones. Our different headstone ranges available makes is possible for everyone to find a tombstone that meets their requirements. Should you not find exactly what you are looking for in one of our existing ranges, contact us today to enquire about our special design tombstones. Talk to a friendly consultant at Tombco today.

Aspects to consider when purchasing a headstone

To ensure that you obtain a headstone that meets your needs, consider the following important aspects regarding the gravestone:

  • Gravestone design: The design is often the most difficult decision to make regarding the headstone purchase. You should decide whether you would like a simple design, or something more exquisite. We have designs available in small, medium and larger sizes, to fit every need.
  • Gravestone material: Tombco manufactures high quality granite tombstones, that will last for many years. Granite is the ideal material for headstones, due to its high strength and ability to withstand South African weather conditions including harsh sun, rain and even snow. Get a top quality headstone for your loved-one's grave from Tombco that will last for many years.
  • Gravestone colour: Granite tombstones come in a variety of colours like white, grey, red, pink, black, blue, and even green. The prices of the different granite colours may differ - enquire about the colour headstone you desire from Tombco for a quote.
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Consider other factors like your available budget, the message you would like to have engraved and the graveyard's regulations before purchasing a headstone to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the purchase you have made. We believe that a headstone is an investment, which is why you should go for good quality products from reputable manufacturers.

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Contact Tombco today for assistance with choosing the best headstones for your loved-one's grave. We will gladly advise you regarding the design, material and colour, to ensure that you find the gravestone you require.

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